Monday, March 21, 2011

Today, the sandwich is Pancakes!!!

Well, the month is almost over, Spring arrived yesterday and we are due for some snow today.  This is my third attempt to put together a blog post for the month and today I may make it.  It turns out that, for all the ideas I had prior to launching this experiment, few are good enough, expandable enough, or sufficiently relatable to the theme I’ve chosen to make it to the page.
Today, I’m writing about Buckwheat Pancakes.  I just made some for me and my father, and he actually ate a second helping—this is good because at 100, you have to keep up your calorie intake or you lose weight.  The pancakes were unusually good today for a couple of reasons.  One is that I accidentally recooled the melted butter and it spread through the batter in little pills of fat—I think that does something slightly different, and good, to the suspension and makes the pancakes lighter.  The second reason was that, after fearing we had totally run out of maple syrup, I found a small gift jug in the back of a cabinet, unopened.  Talk about saved from disaster!